Hart-So-Big Alpaca Farm

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Hart-So-Big Alpaca Farm was established in September of 2006. Our farm is located on twenty-four acres located in Northern York County, Pennsylvania.  

After losing my horse "Hickory" to a tragic accident.  I knew I needed something in my pasture to fill the void.  My husband, Tim, had seen a commercial on t.v. about alpacas.  I did not know anything about alpaca's so the research began.  We found a great farm in Lancaster County and purchased two males as "pets".  After a few months, we decided to further our herd by adding females and began breeding.

The past several years has been very rewarding.  I have met a lot of great people and alpacas in the industry.  I also have had the pleasure of working with Cheyenne, my barn manager, with training and the care of the alpacas.  Along with so many others and to just name a few; Cassie, Wendy, Carson, Lee, Diane, Gail, David, Julia, Elizabeth, Deb, Emma, Kim, Aidon. We train the alpacas to perform agility, showmanship and costume classes.

Please contact us if we can be of any guidance to any one interested in raising, boarding alpacas or just general information.

I also promote and sell alpaca items made out of their lustrous fiber.